Topics for talks and seminars 1998

in German or English language

Topic / Field


External employer image surveys as basis for companies' targeted personnel marketing.

presents the example of the 'PERSONNEL IMAGE METER' -research.

PR /Advertising/Personnel Marketing


Market research on one's own behalf: Internal employee surveys within the company.

Aims, questionnaires, methods, practical examples and results in the carrying out and analysis of employee surveys.

PR / Advertising / Human Resources Management


Information and communications within the company from the viewpoint of the employees

Results of internal attitude and organisational climate surveys.

INTERNAL PR / Human Resources Management


Telework in Switzerland: Diffusion of a Socio-Technical Innovation

Representative surveys on the evaluation and acceptance of a new work form among the population.

Economics / Human Resources Management / Sociology


Sponsoring research - measuring the effects

Aims, methods, problems in checking the success rates, and measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of BUSINESS sponsoring activities.

Marketing / Sponsoring / Advertising / PR


Social and ecological sponsoring

The new trend and the unexploited opportunities in marketing communications for sponsors and those who are being sponsored.

Marketing / Sponsoring / Advertising / PR


Marketing and social research in the service of public relations

Opportunities for support of those responsible for PR. Methods, opportunities and limitations. Co-operation PR- Market Research.

Market Research


Market research for a cultural institution

The case of the Swiss National Museum. Results of a representative poll among the population.

Advertising / PR / Sponsoring


Real Estate Omnibus - a new instrument for market research and marketing in the real estate industry

First results of a representative survey among the population (home owners and tenants) in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland.

Market Research / Marketing / Advertising / PR


Major mergers from the public's viewpoint - recent examples from Switzerland

Results of longitudinal analyses with repeated representative sample surveys between March, 1997 and February, 1998 among the Swiss population on the knowledge, attitudes and opinions concerning the cases of the Novartis (Ciba-Sandoz), CS Group (CS-Winterthur) and UBS (UBS-SBC) merger.

Advertising / PR / Communications



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