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No. of Employees:

Permanent: 2
Associates: 10 (incl. project directors)

Field Organisation:

No. of interviewers for qualitative studies: 15
Quantitative studies: CATI facility, with up to 40 work stations

Type of company, Ownership:

Limited Partnership, privately owned

Proprietor/Managing Director:

Rolf B. Schoch, PhD
Lecturer, The University of St. Gallen/Switzerland (1973 – 1997)


Universities, independent economists, sociologists, educational scientists, lawyers.

Qualitative/psychological research:

In co-operation with PSYMAFO, Institute for Qualitative Marketing Research and Consulting, 8001, Zurich, Telephone ++41-1-262 2690. Managing Director: Dr. Rico Romegialli (PhD, Psychologist) (www.psymafo.ch)

Published Studies on Sale:

Personnel Image Meter, Real Estate Omnibus, Sponsoring Omnibus, Telework, Mergers, TV Sponsoring, Product Placement.

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