Rolf Schoch, PhD

Portrait Dr. Schochstudied economics, marketing and social science at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and at the Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland. Following his degree he was appointed group head of research at the University of St. Gallen and Visiting Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the United States at Purdue University and the University of California, Berkeley. His professional appointments encompass many scientific and consultancy activities, the presidency of the board of directors of a retail business in Winterthur and various lecturing appointments at the University of St. Gallen in business administration and research methodology.

Rolf B. Schoch is presently owner and general manager of WI.SO. He was previously active for 13 years in an executive position at the Research Institute of the Swiss Society for Applied Social Research, later as the general manager and member of the board. A complete list of his previous work on research projects as well as all the current publications are available.

As lecturer and speaker he has recently been engaged not only at the University of St. Gallen but also by:

At international level he was speaker at the European Sponsoring Congress in Amsterdam and is author of articles published in 'Marketing and Research Today' for ESOMAR - the European Society of Opinion and Marketing Research magazine.

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