Research and Consulting Services


Over 30 years experience in designing, planning, analysing, implementing and supervising of demanding basic and applied research projects on the University level and in business, as well as consulting and teaching in the following areas: 


Diffusion of socio-technical innovations within industry and society; marketing strategy for new product launches.

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Measuring public perception of particular industries, companies, government bodies, institutions and products.

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Media, Communications, Advertising

Readership behaviour; evaluation of particular publications; effectiveness of messages; systematic content analyses of print media.

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Personal Selling

Interaction Process Analysis of selling encounters; efficiency and service quality studies; analyses of salesmen’s roles and motivations of behalf of Sales Management.

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Evaluation of sponsors’ activities in the areas of sports, cultural, scientific, social and ecological sponsorships; awareness of and attitudes towards product placement in TV series and cinema movies.

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Consumer Behaviour

In relation to new products and services; consumer satisfaction; buying influences from reference groups, opinion leaders and social strata.

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Human Resources Management/Employee Relations

Employee Attitude Surveys within business firms; general sample surveys on companies’ public image as employers (multi-client studies); labour market studies. For a description of research projects  completed, with goals, study design and methodology (in German): click here.

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Real Estate Marketing

‘Real Estate Omnibus’ -- a new instrument for real estate marketing; continuous representative national sample surveys among private home owners and tenants.

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employed include: Mail surveys, case studies; expert interviews; group discussions, seminars and workshops; representative sample surveys (personal interviews, CATI)


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